Hewn from the rock that is the Voyageur Group – V Creative Design is solidly placed ‘twixt the world of publishing and multimedia marketing. Our clients range from small companies focusing on communicating their own message to company associations connecting a broad business community. Our knowledge base is derived from a team with experience in web multimedia, newspaper and magazine editing, as well as corporate branding and marketing.


web design

Solutions for the development of websites for our clients range from the most complicated commerce systems with booking and restricted access for ITIC to the stylistic and animated for Fal Falafel; as well as template versions for those on a budget with requirements for their holiday lets – see Skomer View for an example of this offering.


Making their website work for them 24 hours a day is a high priority for all of our clients. Selling international event registrations, magazine subscriptions or file downloads are just the tip of the iceberg. We can also help setting your site up with payment providers including Paypal, Worldpay, Secure trading and many others.


Years of experience in magazine design has given VCD the skills to cater to many different styles of publication – whether it is an in-house magazine, an international business journal or a brochure for an event. The flagship publications of the International Travel Insurance Journal and AirMed & Rescue Magazine demonstrate our ability and dedication to getting the best out of the content we are given.